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All of the images on this website, with the exception of the portraits, are available in limited editions of 100. They are signed, numbered and printed on archival, acid-free paper. They are sent rolled in top-rated shipping tubes ready for your own framing choices. In the Toronto area the finished print can also be delivered by courier.

The following is a guide to pricing and sizes:

11X14 – $250
16X20 – $350
20X24 – $500
24X36 – $600

Special series prints, which will be available starting in January 2016 are open editions and are available for $25 each, plus $10 for shipping and handling.  The image is 7.5  x 10 inches on 8.5 x 11 acid free, archival paper, suitable for standard framing.

Commissioned portraits are $500.00 which includes the photography session in studio, at your location or at a location to be determined as well as initial editing and enhancement where required. The cost for producing final prints depends on the size of the prints and the number of prints required and are negotiated in advance and are separate from the session fee. The finished selection(s) are also delivered as files on a portable USB “thumb” drive for your future use. The original photo session is archived and remains with the photographer in the event you wish to revisit the session for alternate photos.

Event photography is $125.00 per hour for work within the Greater Toronto Area.

All prices are payable to my company, Screenarts Incorporated by cheque or money order. Paypal payment option coming soon.